I never have time for my video games, but I do have time to complain about never having time for them!

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Road Trip Journal: About the Trinkets

These are the little treasures that made the trip a bit more special.

  • A drop of red wine in a glass of white wine
  • An old chronometer
  • A Masaai menu? It was jumping pages a lot … ok, it’s a menu about goat meat made from goat hide … I’m trying too much here (moving on)
  • A transistor radio that accepts USB and SD … now that’s embracing the future while clinging to the past.
  • NudeAudio Move M speaker trying to buy some curios from Facebook.

Road Trip Journal

From August 15th to August 18, we ventured to the greens in the west across the Rift Valley. Day 1 (or rather night), we drove from Nairobi to Naivasha and slept there. Early morning, we set off for Kitale through Nakuru and Eldoret. Day 3, we left Kitale and headed back to Eldoret, then turned towards Kericho using the Nandi Hills escarpment decent. Supper was devoured in Kericho, before heading out to Bomet under the cover of night. Day 4, we toured the little we could of Bomet, then headed back to Nairobi through Narok.

About the Fauna

Along the way, we met Gazelles that want their own crossing like zebras, cute little Birds that love chilling under a diving board, Monkeys that want to swing a 5 iron and not just swing from a tree, Cows that keep the golf fairway trimmed and fertilized, and a dust storm trolling on some other Cows.