I never have time for my video games, but I do have time to complain about never having time for them!

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Airtel Trace Music Stars hunt now on in Kenya

Airtel Trace Music Stars hunt now on in Kenya

Nairobi Kenya – 15th October, 2014  “Airtel Trace Music Stars”, the first song contest of its kind that will provide an opportunity for Kenyan youth to compete with others across Africa has officially been opened to participants in Kenya starting today, 15th October 2014.  The competition provides a platform for young Kenyans who are looking to break into the industry, make lots of money and…

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OK I really don’t want to sound vain or anything but the thing is I’m 22 going on 23, the clock is ticking and I’m not getting any younger so if you don’t like the title of this post then bite me :D . My life is passing me by and most of my hopes, dreams and aspirations are still jotted down in my journal waiting to be realized.

Wait, hold up…

That’s not the point of this post

My aim here…

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