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Saving for that so called rainy day… Naomi Gathirua

Saving for that so called rainy day… Naomi Gathirua

 We all want to do it, but where to start is the main question we are faced with. A major reason for financial trouble is caused by unsound habits of money management, starting early may save you a plethora of money troubles. Here are some few basic steps to help you to save:

-           Pick a great young adult’s account; this ensures you get the best deals. Most bank accounts have…

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Narration by Nairobi_Lite #throwback

Narration by Nairobi_Lite #throwback

My neighbour woke up to a wild scare today. Seems one of the boys who have been giving it to her, might have put her in the family way. I want you to picture this scene.

Me, on one side of the fence, hanging my clothes out to dry. And she, on the other, seated on a bucket. Looking glumly at her phone, fingers dancing over the buttons as she considers how to breaking the news to the boy…

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